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    This Woman Created Unicorn Frappuccino Hair And It Looks Delicious

    *eats hair*

    The unicorn frappuccino is probably the most Instagram-able thing Starbucks have ever created.

    But this unicorn frappuccino hair may be even better. 😍

    It was created by Kelly O'Leary-Woodford, co-owner of co-owner of Sapphire Hair Lounge in Winnipeg, after a happy coincidence.

    It was the day Starbucks released the technicolour drink, and a local radio contest was hosting a contest to win some frapps.

    O'Leary-Woodford had the idea to make unicorn frappuccino hair for the contest and then, as if by magic, her first client of the day came in asking for just the right colors.

    "We just did platinum blonde and toned the bottom an ombre of pink to lavender to blue," O'Leary-Woodford told BuzzFeed Canada.

    While the hair was setting, she popped out and got a unicorn frappuccino and some extra straws.

    For the final look, she simply made a French twist and popped in a straw. And it's perfect.

    Even when it's down, it looks positively delicious.