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This Is Already The Most Iconic Photo Of The Trump And Trudeau Meeting

"As you can see, they are NORMAL-SIZED HANDS."

On Monday, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau had his first face-to-face meeting with Donald Trump.

Amid the handshaking and photo op-ing, this most glorious image came into being.

And it's already iconic.

It was, of course, just a candid moment before an enthusiastic handshake. But people are seeing Trudeau's momentarily unimpressed face as a metaphor for how the rest of the world is dealing with the presidency.

How the rest of the world views Trump in one image.

Like, remember that time the literal president of the United States talked about grabbing pussy?

Trump: C'mon, touch it. Trudeau: No. Trump: Why? Trudeau: I know where it's been, and I know it wasn't consentin… https://t.co/YJh7hjXSkl

Or a certain unverified document?

Justin Trudeau is looking at Trump's hand like he just read the Russian Dossier

It's also just ~teeming~ with hand-size joke possibilities.

"As you can see they are NORMAL SIZED HANDS."


Trump: Look at the size of that. Just look! Trudeau: I'm seeing it. Trump: Are you seeing this? Trudeau: I am in fa… https://t.co/NHKJtZI24Y

Truly, this photo is a blessing.

*record scratch* *freeze frame* TRUDEAU: yup, that's me, you'e pro- TRUMP: personally I dont feel they're that s… https://t.co/gohlLROYeN

And perhaps reignited some global Trudeau thirst.

Get you a president who looks at trump like #trudeau does #TrudeauMeetsTrump

It's like Trump knew we were ready and waiting with Photoshop.

And the contrast between this and Trudeau and Barack Obama's epic bromance is too delicious not to point out.

"Looks like Trudeau and Trump are bffs now!"

"Today, we are all Justin Trudeau."

Today, we are all Justin Trudeau