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11 Amazing Images Of The Annual Reindeer Crossing In Canada's Arctic

The south is missing out.

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1. From a distance, all you can see is a dark smudge against the snowy landscape and cloudy sky near Inuvik, Northwest Territories.

Instagram: @jtrumble

3. And realize you're looking at thousands of reindeer. More than 3,000 to be exact.

Instagram: @mattquinn17

4. Every year, the giant herd is guided by snowmobiles across the Mackenzie River Ice Road en route to their calving grounds on Richards Island.

Instagram: @49cats

5. And every year, spectators gather to watch them trot by.

Instagram: @_lachlan_s

6. It's a spectacular sight — like a grunting, furry river speeding past.

Instagram: @hallian98

8. According to CBC News, the annual move has been taking place since 1935, when Saami herders and Alaska Natives brought a herd to the area.

Instagram: @alex

9. It's an incredible thing to witness.

Instagram: @jtrumble

10. And something few southeners have ever seen in person.

Instagram: @gaillouise60

11. Yet another reason you should hoof it up to Canada's beautiful Arctic.

Instagram: @wanderlustmegan