Every Halloween, This Awesome Dad Makes His Son With A Disability An Amazing Costume


    Your little heart is about to melt like a piece of candy corn in a warm palm because this is Jackson, a kid in Sidney, B.C., whose family just won Halloween.

    Jackson, 4, isn't able to walk due to a genetic condition. When he was younger, it was easier for his parents Chad and Tracey Poole to carry Jackson door to door. Two years ago, Chad did just that with this Curious George costume.

    But by last year Jackson was getting too big for that. Tracey challenged Chad to make the house from Up and this amazing rig was built on a wagon.

    For 2015, Tracey challenged Chad to top the house with the Mystery Machine from Scooby Doo. "Now you’re taxing my artistic abilities, which I lack," he told her. Then he got to work.

    Over the course of about 50 hours, he recreated the Scooby Gang's ride, including hand-stenciled decals and working lights.

    Finally: the big reveal, with dad dressed up as Shaggy.

    Mom will even be joining as Velma.