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    Here's How Trans Youth Of Colour Are "Redefining Gender" In Toronto


    The City of Toronto wants residents to know that while trans and nonbinary people are a welcome and visible part of the city, "transphobia is not."

    City of Toronto

    That's the message of a new campaign designed to challenge people's perceptions of gender identity. The campaign puts people of colour front and centre.

    City of Toronto

    The series of ads features four trans youth of colour from Toronto.

    City of Toronto

    The ads were made with consultation from the Black Coalition for AIDS Prevention, and are a reminder that it's not race and gender alone that can create barriers.

    City of Toronto

    "In order to understand the needs of trans youth of colour, we must take into consideration various aspects of these youth identities," said Tatiana Ferguson, project lead for Black CAP, in a statement.

    "Understanding how race, gender, sex and class interplay and create barriers for trans youth of colour is a fundamental component required to identify and address the needs of trans youth in Toronto," Ferguson said.

    The ads are popping up around the city and on social media, just in time for Pride.

    I'm really proud of my city right now. #transyouth #toronto #ttc #RedefiningGender

    And people are loving it.

    Just spotted this amazing poster by the city affirming trans youth of colour. Beautiful. #redefininggender

    The campaign launched with an open letter to the city from its trans youth of colour — because even though Pride is a time of celebration, it's also a reminder that there's work to be done.

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