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This Raccoon Was The Most Polite Passenger On Toronto's Subway

Be more like this trash panda.

Those little grabby hands aren't the only thing that make raccoons eerily people-like. They also know the daily slog of commuting on public transportation.

Carl Fernandez / Via Twitter: @Carlnandez

This trash panda was spotted going for a casual ride on Toronto's subway Tuesday morning.

Carl Fernandez / Via Twitter: @Carlnandez

The wee fella even took the time to compliment this woman's purse.

"I could fit so much trash in this!"

Then, upon disembarking at Spadina station, it took a moment to make note of another passenger's shoes.

Brief delay at Spadina, southbound due to a raccoon aboard the train! @TTCnotices

"Sweet kicks, sir!"

Heather Leach / Via Twitter

At no point did the raccoon fail to remove his backpack on a crowded train, take up more seats than necessary, or block the doors for other passengers. In other words: a model citizen.

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