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    Jul. 31, 2015

    22 Times Tim Hortons Ruined Someone's Day

    Double double dose of disappointment.

    1. This tea that just couldn't.

    2. This passive-aggressive French Vanilla.

    @TimHortons I hope the meant FV - French Vanilla #timhortonsfail

    3. Rude.

    4. This confused bread.

    I asked for a cream cheese bagel and this is what I got... #timhortons #timhortonsfail @TimHortons @SenecaCollege

    5. Every. Damn. Time.

    Not impressed @TimHortons Gotta be a better way to put a Boston Cream in a bag #GlazeAndPaperDontMix #TimHortonsFail

    6. (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

    7. This creative interpretation of slicing something in half.

    8. This bagel having an existential crisis.

    9. The lids.

    10. Ugh.

    11. Always the lids.

    12. This coffee with... texture.

    13. This "smile" cookie.

    14. What horrors have they seen?

    15. ・⨽ •

    16. 😐

    17. DIY butter.

    18. Sports are hard.

    19. This sad tomato.

    20. This well-done bagel.

    21. Who wouldn't want chance to a cake?

    22. And, of course, every time you see this.

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