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    This Quebec Restaurant’s Receipts Are Hilariously Honest About Taxes

    Would you like fries, salad, or lols with that?

    A restaurant in Quebec has found a hilarious way to remind you what your tax dollars go to: government scandals and pot. Kinda.

    Anne-Marie Contofalsky

    Mile Public House in Brossard, Quebec, has been amusing customers with some tongue-in-cheek taxes on their receipts.

    Mile Public House/Facebook

    Instead of federal tax, patrons pay "Trudeau-Weed" and the provincial tax has been christened "PLQ-CSeries."

    Anne-Marie Contofalsky

    If you don't quite get it: PLQ stands for The Liberal Party of Quebec. The CSeries is an aircraft program from Bombardier, a company the Quebec government is giving billions in bailout money.

    Quebec taxpayers haven't been too pleased about the whole thing.

    And it seems to have struck a chord, with customers happily sharing photos of the receipts on social media.

    "We just tried to put it there as a funny thing of where our money is going," general manager Pier Luc Dupont told BuzzFeed Canada.

    The restaurant has actually been doing this for a couple of years. When Stephen Harper was in power, the federal tax said "Harper F35."

    After the election, Mile Public House switched in the line about Trudeau.

    Although Dupont was a bit worried that older customers would find the bit about weed off-putting, nearly everyone has had a good chuckle about it.

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