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This Quebec Restaurant’s Receipts Are Hilariously Honest About Taxes

Would you like fries, salad, or lols with that?

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Instead of federal tax, patrons pay "Trudeau-Weed" and the provincial tax has been christened "PLQ-CSeries."

Anne-Marie Contofalsky

If you don't quite get it: PLQ stands for The Liberal Party of Quebec. The CSeries is an aircraft program from Bombardier, a company the Quebec government is giving billions in bailout money.

Quebec taxpayers haven't been too pleased about the whole thing.

And it seems to have struck a chord, with customers happily sharing photos of the receipts on social media.

"We just tried to put it there as a funny thing of where our money is going," general manager Pier Luc Dupont told BuzzFeed Canada.

Instagram: @insfrank

Taxes are always a talking point in Quebec, so the little joke has struck a big chord.

"We’re not trying to be provocative, but it was two things," said Dupont.

"First one is too laugh about how many taxes we have to pay. Second, it’s also a bit of sarcasm that we put our taxes into a CSeries project that costs millions of dollars."


The restaurant has actually been doing this for a couple of years. When Stephen Harper was in power, the federal tax said "Harper F35."

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That, of course, was about the Harper government's push for new fighter jets despite the controversy over billions of dollars in hidden costs.

That version also referenced Philippe Couillard, the Liberal premier of Quebec.

After the election, Mile Public House switched in the line about Trudeau.

Instagram: @milepublichouse

Although Dupont was a bit worried that older customers would find the bit about weed off-putting, nearly everyone has had a good chuckle about it.

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"It’s becoming a little bit popular and people on social media are taking pictures," said Dupont.

"A lot of people are talking about this presently, and we like that."

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