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    This Naked Cat's Dobby The House Elf Costume Is So Magically Perfect

    Dobby is a free house cat!

    Say hello to Delores, a Toronto cat whose hobbies include snuggling and sitting like a little person.

    Delores lives with Rylee Rae, a graphic design artist and writer. And for Halloween, Rae made Delores the most perfect costume you could imagine.

    It's Dobby! I'm screaming!

    Rylee Rae

    Rae isn't actually a huge Harry Potter fan, but friends who are noticed that Delores was the spitting image of the beloved house elf. Being half Scottish fold and half Sphynx, she has the perfect little folded ears.

    "Friends of mine all suggested it, I have a lot of friends that are really into Harry Potter," Rae told BuzzFeed Canada. "I looked at what a house elf was and I was like, yeah, she really does!"

    It's uncanny, honestly. "She nailed it," Rae told BuzzFeed Canada. "I’d like to take credit for it, but it was mostly her."

    Warner Bros. // Rylee Rae

    And those big, green eyes don't hurt either.

    Warner Bros. // Rylee Rae

    Rae made the costume by cutting up on an old jacket and tying it to fit Delores. The whole thing took about an hour, but Delores was very patient about it.

    "She’s the most affectionate, sweetest little angel baby you’ve ever met in your whole life."

    Rylee Rae

    Happy Halloween, muggles!

    Rylee Rae

    Check out Rae's Instagram profile for more adorable photos of Delores.

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