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    Nova Scotia Had A Lobster For Groundhog Day Because Nova Scotia

    Classic Nova Scotia.

    Groundhog Day is usually when we trot out, well, groundhogs, to tell us how many more weeks of winter to expect.

    Brett Carlsen / Getty Images

    It's very scientific.

    But in Nova Scotia, they've got a lobster to do it.

    This is Lucy the Lobster, who emerged from the sea (so they say) on Nova Scotia's South Shore but didn't see her shadow, meaning spring is around the corner.

    I've got this! #GroundhogDay2018 @WhitePointBeach @VisitBarrington

    And it seems a lobster is just as good as a groundhog, since Lucy's prediction matched that of Shubenacadie Sam, Nova Scotia's groundhog.

    According to the Coast Guard, Lucy is a 6.5-pound beauty, measuring 19 inches long.

    Besides making climate predictions, Lucy looking for her shadow also served as the kickoff to the South Shore Lobster Crawl, a winter food event in the region.

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    She didn't come easy, but she got to the top of her predicting perch on a lobster trap with a little coaxing.

    @lucylobsterns didn’t see her shadow this morning, looks like an early spring for us on the South Shore! Be sure to…

    And in case you're worried, Lucy will be spared the pot for now. She'll be taking visitors at Capt. Kat’s Lobster Shack in Barrington Passage.