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    Thousands Of Angry Bees Have Made This Family Afraid To Go Outside

    You get a bee! And you get a bee!

    This would be a pleasant view out of Steve Hampson and Margo McBurnie's window if it weren't for the THOUSANDS OF BEES BLOCKING THE VIEW.

    "They left all the wood here except the section of branch with the hive in it and that left behind an angry swarm of homeless bees."

    Like, lots of bees. Thousands. And without their queen, they've just been hanging around in clumps on the family's house.

    They're also pretty pissed off. The day the hive came down Hampson's daughter along with his mother-in-law and her boyfriend tried going for a swim in the backyard.

    His mother-in-law — who's allergic to bees — found herself rushing for her Epipen after getting stung three times. Nearly 80, she eventually had to go to the hospital.

    The bees have calmed down a bit since, but they haven't gone anywhere. "There’s one large clump right in front of our front door, so nobody using that door," said Hampson, adding that his wife and daughter are "terrified" to go outside.

    Hampson reached out to a nearby apiary to deal with the bees. They're either going to lure them into a box with a new queen or simply vacuum them up and relocate them.