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This B.C. Football Team Wants Its Fans To “Bang Together”

I said bang, bang, bangedy bang.

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Sports fans in B.C. noticed something funny about a recent ad from the Lions.

They could have said "We roar together" or "We win together" or really anything else.

This is a real thing... #BCLions #webangtogether

But no. It's bang. Bangedy bang.

If you're wondering if the team behind the ad is aware of the alternate meaning of "bang," the answer is yes.

"If your question is did we seek purposely seek out verbiage to create out a double-entendre, then I'd say perhaps," spokesperson Jamie Cartmell told BuzzFeed Canada, via email.

"In the end however, the goal of any ad is to cut through the clutter. By virtue of your email I'd say mission accomplished."

Well played, B.C. Lions.

On the bright side, at least they didn't do this.

Not sure what the Women's English National soccer team is thinking with this banner... #FIFAWWC #WomensWorldCup #FIFA