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These Poor Pups Were Injured By A Porcupine But The Response Will Warm Your Heart

"This won't go unforgotten."

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Mahalo and Soljah, along with another dog named Nestah, belong to Dennis Mazur, an organic farmer and youth worker in Craven, Saskatchewan.

Two weeks ago, the dogs ran into a porcupine on the farm and their curiousity landed them full of quills.

"Mahalo, she took it the worst. the vet reckons that she jumped and landed on top of the porcupine," Mazur told BuzzFeed Canada.

The poor pup had quills puncturing both lungs, causing them to collapse. Getting her to the vet as quickly as possible may have saved her life.


Without him even knowing, Mazur's friend Mike Gerrand set up a Go Fund Me campaign to help his buddy care for the dogs. They joked that it would be cool to reach $1,000, but now it's nearing $12,000.

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"It’s such beautiful thing because the world is such a crazy place," said Mazur.

"I’ve got people from Scotland sending me messages saying 'your dogs are beautiful, I love how much you love your dogs.' There’s people sending me $5 I know for a fact don’t have it."

And it's not just Mazur who's hoping for a speedy recovery. The kids he works with at Street Culture Project, a place where staffers' dogs are part of the team, count on them too.

"It's definitely important therapy for these kids," he said. "You get the hardest gang-banging kids in north central and they’re just loving it."

"If you know me and you know me and my dogs, they’re with me everywhere. They're the loves of my life. I don’ t have children, they are my children," said Mazur.

Courtesy of Dennis Mazur

"I’m overwhelmed. I’m touched. This won’t go unforgotten."