Posted on Jun. 17, 2015

    The McLobster Is Tearing Western Canada Apart

    The East Coast was pretty shellfish to keep it for themselves.

    The McLobster — yes, that's a lobster roll made by McDonald's — is now available in Western Canada for the first time.

    McDonald's Canada

    They've been a seasonal item on the East Coast since the '90s and, just in the last couple of years, has started making appearance in Ontario. This is the first year its been made available across the country.

    And it's pretty controversial.

    McLobster - or as it is known in Atlantic Canada - "the McHurl"

    Yes, it's real lobster. But it's also real lobster from McDonald's.

    Some people were really excited, like this dude who wanted to be one of the first people in Alberta to get his hands on one.

    Others deemed it merely "acceptable."

    For $8, it's acceptable. Not sure I like the citrusy sauce but lobster is quite meaty. #mclobster from @McD_Canada

    Or politely mediocre.

    I give the McLobster a 5.5/10. Lacked "zing". Even just a little salt and pepper would have enhanced the flavour.

    Others? Not impressed at all.

    🎶Ba-da-ba-da-ba I'm not loving it🎶 #McLobster

    So disappointed with this so-called "McLobster". More like #McDonalds #McLobsterFail. Good it's only for one day.

    going to try my best to live tweet while I eat this mclobster


    I introduce this sandwich as definitive proof that Canadian society has pasted it's prime. #McLobster

    Presentation clearly varied.

    The McLobster is available until June 30, or until supplies run out, or until Westerners discover what a real lobster roll looks like.

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