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Chase The Ace Fever In Newfoundland Is Finally Over

Someone just become a millionaire.

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After 44 weeks, thousands of tickets sold, and many hours spent waiting in lines, a game of Chase The Ace in Goulds, Newfoundland, is about to make someone a millionaire.


Chase The Ace is a lottery-style fundraiser, in this case being held by St. Kevin's Parish. The way it works: Each week, people buy tickets, and if your ticket number is called, you get to pull a card from a regular playing deck. If you get the ace of spades, you win the jackpot. If you pull another card, you get a consolation prize and the jackpot rolls over another week.

This game has been going on for so long that the jackpot is now estimated at over $2 million.

There are only eight cards left in the deck but, with school about to start, the craze that has consumed the island is set to end Wednesday night.


The Parish office is right next to a school, and the game has been drawing massive crowds, so organizers have decided that winners will just be drawn until the ace appears.

So, naturally, tens of thousands of people are waiting hours on end to buy tickets.

An hour to Spruce Grove from 1/2 way up Durdle Drive. The guess is 2 1/2 to 3 hours to go. #chasetheace ♠️


CBC reports the line was several kilometres long by the afternoon.

Here it is!! Timelapse from the very back of the #ChaseTheAce line, all the way to the front. +2 hours on foot, 60…

There are cookouts.

Laid back BBQ couple by the immense ♠️ line-up in The Goulds. #ChaseTheAce

There are young entrepreneurs.

Alysa is doing good business today, selling popcorn and lemonade. #ChasetheAce

There are outfits.

Happy contestant got all dressed up for @ryansnoddon ♠️#chasetheace


There are porta-potties for days.

When #ChaseTheAce began, there were no portapotties, and no need for them. In July they brought in 10 or so. Today.…

CBC is set up like there's about to be a damn election.

So, the big crowd outside at #ChaseTheAce can't see the choosing of the cards inside the hall? Don't worry, @CBCNL…

The first winner will be drawn at 8:20 p.m. tonight, marking the beginning of the end of the madness.


Results will be broadcast live by CBC and local radio, as well as the collective hearts of thousands of Newfoundlanders.

Lauren Strapagiel is Managing Editor for BuzzFeed News and is based in Toronto, Canada.

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