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The Coolest Man To Ever Go To Space Still Has Something To Teach You About Science

Commander Hadfield will star in a new cartoon series alongside his trusty pug, Albert.

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The project is the baby of Evan Hadfield, Chris' son and one of the brain's behind his dad's stellar social media presence when he was onboard the International Space Station.

They were inspired by other science shows on YouTube — like Canada's ASAP Science — but the series will be less of an explainer and more of a narrative of how we got to where we are.

"When we talk about vaccines, we don't talk about vaccinations so much looking forward but of the history that got us here," Evan told BuzzFeed Canada.

"Our episode is not about telling people to go out and get a vaccine or whatever, it's 'this is what smallpox is, this is why we have a vaccine.'"

There's definitely going to be a theme of social responsibility, but Evan said that doesn't mean it will be preachy. And it will definitely be funny.

"It's very Canadian in nature," said Evan. "A sense to politely alter things for the better."

More importantly, it will also feature the most adorable cartoon version of Hadfield's pet pug, Albert.

Albert will even be the subject of an episode looking at evolution. Evan said it will be about "how you get to Albert from a wolf."

"Albert’s a pretty funny dog but he’s obviously pretty far from a wolf," he said.

The series will have a 10-episode run and while there is a fundraising effort, the series will launch, for free, whether their goal is met or not.

As for the Commander? "He is so pumped about working on this," said Evan.

Lauren Strapagiel is a reporter for BuzzFeed News and is based in Toronto, Canada.

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