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The Area Around Edmonton's New Arena Will Be Called "Ice District" Because Of Hockey Or Whatever

Just don't call it THE Ice District.

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Today Edmonton announced it has completely given up on the prospect of summer and the area around the new Rogers Place will be called "Ice District."

Ice District / Via

They were also very clear that it is Ice District. Not The Ice District. Ice District.

It's "Ice District" not "The Ice District." #icedistrict #cbc

Anyway. The Ice District was officially announced at noon Monday, but a video showcasing what's to come leaked early.

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In addition to a new home for the Edmonton Oilers, the 25-acre The Ice District is set to include a casino, movie theatre, community rink, luxury hotel and hip young people in hats.

Ice District / Via

"Welcome to a new era of entertainment, with a capital I."

Ice District


The Ice District was named by Daryl Katz, a businessman who owns the Oilers and has been a controversial player in the new arena's development.

Naturally, people are making fun of The Ice District.

Ice Ice District! Nah nah nah nah nah.... #Oilers #icedistrict

The more I say it the more it feels like the name of a forbidden zone in a dystopian sci fi. Ice District.

Ice District? That's not really narrowing things down much in Edmonton six months of the year.

The Ice District? Is that near the Hammock District? #yeg #IceDistrict

Did some digging, found out the person behind Ice District

I bet the meth addicts hanging around the new arena are quite amused with it being renamed "The Ice District." #yegarena

Rogers Place, the "anchor" of The Ice District, is set to be completed in fall of 2016.

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