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This Baby Beaver Who Can’t Even Control His Own Tail Is What We Need Right Now

Prepare for cute aggression.

Please take a moment, just a little breather, and focus your heart on this teensy ball of fuzz that was rescued last week.

He was found on a golf course near Calgary. Because he was so far from water, his rescuers at the Alberta Institute for Wildlife Conservation think a predator may have dropped him.

Holly Duvall, executive director of the institute, told BuzzFeed Canada he came in with a tail injury, though he's recovering well.

In the meantime, he's getting plenty of pool time and being fed a beaver-specific formula, as well as nomming on fresh willow and poplar boughs.

"Those are his favourite," said Duvall.

He's also so cute that you have to fight the urge to nibble his teeny ears.

Just look at his tiny lil' grabby hands.

And how he rubs his tiny fuzzy head.

And he can't even CONTROL HIS OWN TAIL.


The wee beav' will likely stay at the rescue centre for a few years before returning to the wild.

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