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22 Things Brits Would Actually Hate About Living In Canada

What is this "football" you speak of?

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With the U.K. having just voted to #Brexit out of the European Union, sad Britons are threatening to move to Canada.

And while Canada is ***super flattered*** to be everyone's second choice (hi, Trump-fearing Americans!) there's some things you should really consider before coming here.


5. Frankly one sip of tea from our nation's favourite coffee shop will send you swimming back across the Atlantic.

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8. Like, with snow.

@islandmorning Our shoveling dilemma in Summerside. Help!!!

9. And cold that does not fuck around.

That was boiling water.


12. The French aren't separated by a whole channel.

They're mostly in Quebec (and are very nice and will make you great poutine).