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    This Vancouver Cafe Poured The World’s Worst Pint Of Guinness And Ireland Is Not Having It

    "Jesus wept."

    Railtown Cafe, a restaurant in Vancouver, managed to piss off an entire country with a single image of a poorly-poured pint of Guinness. This one:

    Railtown shared the image on social media as a St. Patrick's Day promotion. But it wasn't long before the good people of Ireland found it.

    @RailtownCafe @Ireland is watching. Is this how pints are in Canada? #Paddysday #Ireland #massacred

    And things got serious real fast.

    @RailtownCafe why take something as treasured in Ireland as a well poured Guinness and pi55 all over it? Is "patty's" day a ruin a pint day?

    Jesus wept.

    The Irish don't fuck around with their Guinness, you see.

    @GuinnessIreland please do not supply anymore Guinness to @RailtownCafe just for this alone

    And yes, this does warrant yelling at a restaurant on another continent.

    Railtown also committed the cardinal sin of calling it "St. Patty's Day." Oof.

    That pint looks like it had 16 pints on St Patrick's Day and struggled to keep them down! That and calling it St Pa…

    To be clear, there is indeed a *proper* way to pour a Guinness. It involves particular angles, pouring to a certain point, waiting 199.5 seconds for the foam to settle, then topping it up.

    Not... this.

    Tales of Railtown's misdeeds made it to Irish men's publication, as well as The Independent and

    As for the poor souls at Railtown, they took it in stride. After removing the offending image, they posted a proper pint and apologized, as good Canadian do.

    "We’re not all a bunch of maple-syrup drinking snow farmers and to make up for the blasphemous pour depicted in the photo, we’ve poured another pint that we hope is worthy of Ireland," they wrote.

    Railtown co-owner Dan Olson told BuzzFeed Canada he woke up to a slew of angry messages today, but they're having fun with the whole thing.

    "It was quite the comedy," he said. "It’s even funnier now, just watching how it’s all unfolding."

    As consolation, he also has a perk for any offended Irish people who come in to a Railtown on Friday.

    "If someone has an Irish passport, a perfectly-poured pint of Guinness and a shot Jameson is going to them, on me."