These Signs Are So Perfectly Nova Scotian I Can Barely Handle It

    East Coast 4ever.

    Andrew Killawee was driving to his cottage in rural Nova Scotia last weekend when he spotted the most rural Nova Scotia sign to ever exist.

    Andrew Killawee

    Killawee, a TV producer, was driving with his girlfriend about an hour outside of Halifax when he spotted the hand-painted "Bring back my wheelbarrow" sign.

    "We both saw and just went into gales of laughter and just had to take a picture," Killawee told BuzzFeed Canada.

    "There’s always something to see along that stretch of road. This one was on the more humorous side of things than I normally see."

    But then it got so much better.

    Later that weekend they spotted a follow-up sign: "Thank you for bringing back my wheelbarrow."

    Andrew Killawee

    They turned the car around just to get another picture.

    "The fact that the problem was resolved is just hilarious," said Killawee, adding that it's a perfect example of how folks on the East Coast communicate.

    Andrew Killawee

    "I don’t know if this was a full on crime or a little family dispute of a neighbor nudging a neighbour ... either way it’s how folks communicate down there — direct and to the point," he said.

    Killawee posted the photos on Facebook and many of his Nova Scotian friends commented that the sign brought them right back home.

    The images also made their way to Twitter, and people loved it.

    Well, here's rural Nova Scotia in two pictures, taken a day apart. Photos by Andrew Killawee

    Stay pure, Nova Scotia.

    @annascottpiano I'm from rural Nova Scotia. Can confirm.

    Lauren Strapagiel is a reporter for BuzzFeed News and is based in Toronto, Canada.

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