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    24 Tweets About Canadian Problems Guaranteed To Make You Laugh


    1. When the exchange rate does its thing.

    2. When people think Canada is two cities.

    3. When someone desecrates the milk.

    4. When they ruin the apology exchange.

    Twitter: @Darth_Pingu

    There are rules.

    5. When people don't understand the delicious subtlety of peameal bacon.

    6. No. One. Wants. Potato. Wedges.

    7. But honestly, this is the worst.

    8. When people mistake us for those other guys.

    9. Or when those other guys try to be us.

    10. When your elected officials are a huge disappointment.

    11. When the nectar of the gods is unavailable.

    12. When winter stops being a season and starts just being a way of life.

    13. And this horror happens.

    14. What's this "spring" you speak of?

    15. But really, getting mad at the weather is a national pastime.

    16. When people fuck with our poutine.

    17. When this happens.


    19. This incredibly common scenario.

    20. When you can't afford to travel in your own country.

    21. When you don't know the lingo.

    22. Literally every online shopping experience.

    23. When technology hasn't caught up to our superior spelling.

    24. And finally, in the first good tweet from @Canada, when people try to pass off table syrup as maple syrup.

    Twitter: @Canada

    Not today, Satan.

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