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    Nobody, Not Even Canada’s Premiers, Can Stop This Dog From Doing Her Job

    You earned a treat, Smudge.

    This is Smudge, a very good girl who works as the Canine Ambassador at the Hotel Macdonald in Edmonton.

    The hotel also happened to host the Council of the Federation meetings, which is when all of Canada's premiers get together.

    Jason Franson / THE CANADIAN PRESS

    And dear ol' Smudge made the best of it by crashing the final press conference on Wednesday.

    Jason Franson / THE CANADIAN PRESS

    "Why are we talking when we could be petting?" she probably thought.

    Hotel MacDonald's dog "Smudge" crashes premiers' final news conference. #ableg #COF2017 #Smudgeforpremier

    "My only policy is more treats."

    Smudge, the resident dog of the hotel in Edmonton, joined the premiers at a press conference after our meetings yes…

    She basically took over.

    Smudge invades Premiers news conference! She thinks she owns the place! #yeg @ctvedmonton #dogslife

    And unlike politicians, Smudge stuck around until the job was done.

    The press conference is over but Smudge, the resident Hotel Macdonald doggo, is under the media table looking for s…

    Good girl, Smudge.