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    Stop What You’re Doing And Look At This Sexy Santa

    We've been very naughty. We promise.

    Say hello to the first mall Santa you wish would hurry down your chimney tonight.

    This is Fashion Santa, a seasonal staple at Toronto's Yorkdale Mall.

    While he does wear a festive red coat, it's from Ferragamo and probably cost more than your rent.

    Fashion Santa's real name is Paul Mason, an experienced model who several years ago found out he was one crisp, white beard away from being the dreamiest Santa ever.

    Unfortunately you can't sit on his lap and tell him how naughty you've been, but you can take a selfie for a good cause.

    For every selfie tagged with #YorkdaleFashionSanta posted on social media, the mall with donate $1 to Sick Kids Hospital in Toronto, to a maximum of $10,000.

    And people are seriously enjoying it.

    Like this delighted woman caught on camera by CTV News giggling and flailing after taking a photo with Fashion Santa.

    And the internet is thirstin' hard.

    The only downside is you can't possibly look as fly as him.

    #YorkdaleFashionSanta if I tweet this out Yorkdale will give $1 to sick kids. Pay up Santa!!

    And your children might find him confusing.

    But we can now say Toronto is home to the world's sexiest Santa.

    Our donation to #SickKids foundation with handsome #YorkdaleFashionSanta