Home Depot Canada Decided This "Peeper" Decoration Is Too Creepy To Sell

    It's designed to look like a scary dude peeping in your window.

    A Halloween decoration called the "Scary Peeper Creeper" has been pulled from Home Depot Canada shelves after complaints from a customer.


    Sold as a Halloween decoration, the Peeper has a suction cup so it can be stuck to the outside of windows.

    According to Home Depot's American website, it's "Perfect for scaring friends and family during Halloween or any other time of the year. Hang facing out to freak out trick-or-treaters during Halloween or mount him facing in to scare unsuspecting guests at your Halloween party."

    And it legitimately looks both realistic and creepy AF.


    Breanne Hunt-Wells, a teacher and mother of two, spotted the Peeper for sale at a Home Depot in Markham, Ontario. She was so put off, she contacted CBC News.

    "I fail to see the humour in it," Hunt-Wells said during an interview on Metro Morning. "It makes light of a very serious crime. Voyeurism is a crime in Canada."

    The peeper is designed to look like a real man and is advertised that way on Home Depot's US website.

    In a promotional video from the makers of the Peeper Creeper, a man is seen placing the decoration on a window. Later, once it's dark, a woman sees it and freaks out.

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    She didn't find it as funny as the men in the video.

    "That's fantastic," a man says, in the video. "No, that's scary," she replies, adding the scare made her start crying.

    CBC brought Hunt-Well's concerns to Home Depot, who decided to pull the product from shelves.


    "We took immediate action and have removed this product from our assortment at Home Depot Canada. We reached out to advise the customer of our actions and apologize," said Paul Berto, director of communications for Home Depot, in a statement sent to BuzzFeed Canada. "We’re sorry for any offence that was caused."

    The Scary Peeper Creeper was removed from stores and Home Depot's Canadian website, along with the "Scary Peeper Reaper."

    Meanwhile, US customers can still purchase both items along with the "Tapping Creeper." That model has a finger that responds to movement by tapping on the window, for a more interactive fake peeper experience.

    Lauren Strapagiel is a reporter for BuzzFeed News and is based in Toronto, Canada.

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