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    A Couple Spent Hundreds Of Dollars To Get A Giant Tumour Removed From Their Goldfish

    Just keep swimming.

    Say hello to Nemo, a goldfish from the U.K. who had a very large tumour but was lucky enough to have some incredibly caring owners.

    Although the tumour was basically the size of his head, Nemo's owners in Buckinghamshire weren't ready to give up on him. They drove Nemo more than two hours to Bristol to get surgery at Highcroft Exotic Vets.

    The procedure got "a little bit hairy at times," the clinic wrote on Facebook, but Nemo managed to pull through.

    “He got a tumour that grew and grew. We saw that another fish was operated on so we thought we have got nothing to lose," owner Roy Hands told The Mirror.

    The clinic's surgeon, Sonya Miles, has made headlines for her fish surgeries before. Last year she managed to remove a tumour from behind a goldfish's eye.

    The surgery took 45 minutes and cost £200 (almost $300 U.S.), according to The Mirror.

    Nemo is now doing just swimmingly back home in Buckinghamshire.

    "Just to let you know that Nemo is doing very well, swimming happily and looking at himself in the mirrored ends of his tank," owner Hands told the clinic in a Facebook comment.

    "Thank you all so much for giving Nemo back his life."