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We Played “Samira Or Poussey” With Samira Wiley And It Was Adorable

No OITNB spoilers ahead. We gotchu.

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We sat down with Samira Wiley from Orange Is The New Black to play a very important game: Samira or Poussey?

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We asked Wiley if she (her IRL self) or her character, Poussey Washington, is more likely to do to a bunch of random things. Let's play!

Most likely to spend the weekend binging a Netflix show?

BuzzFeed Canada

“Poussey because she doesn’t watch Netflix that much and it would be really, really awesome cause she’s in jail.”

Most likely to adopt a miniature pony?

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“I don’t even know if Poussey would do this but Samira would not adopt a miniature pony.”

(But if she did, Wiley said she would name it Shetland.)

Most likely to pull an elaborate prank on someone?

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“Poussey. Remember that episode when she caught that squirrel? That was so elaborate. I know it’s not a prank but I’m not that dedicated.”

And finally, most likely to successfully deactivate a bomb?

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“I feel like both of these people are going to fail at that! Really, really hard. If I had to pick one… actually we’re all dying. The bomb is not getting deactivated!”

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