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Posted on Jul 8, 2016

We Played “Samira Or Poussey” With Samira Wiley And It Was Adorable

No OITNB spoilers ahead. We gotchu.

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We sat down with Samira Wiley from Orange Is The New Black to play a very important game: Samira or Poussey?

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We asked Wiley if she (her IRL self) or her character, Poussey Washington, is more likely to do to a bunch of random things. Let's play!

Most likely to get lost in New York City?

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“Actually, probably both. I mean, we saw Poussey do it but Samira does it all the time.”

Most likely to start a riot?

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“Poussey’s a lover, not a fighter, and Samira gets a little rowdy sometimes.”

Most likely to fall in love with their straight BFF?

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“Poussey. Samira doesn’t do that. Samira is too smart for that.”

Most likely to get the girl?

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“I mean, we’ve seen Poussey not get the girl on more than one occasion. Samira gets the girl!”

Most likely to break someone’s heart?

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"But not because I mean to! Poussey just gets her heart broken.”

Most likely to survive a horror movie?

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"I love horror movies. Poussey is such a Poussey sometimes.”

Most likely to try and make a romantic dinner but then burn it?

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"Samira wouldn’t even attempt.”

Most likely to rock a mohawk?

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“They both look pretty hot in a mohawk.”

Most likely to spend the weekend binging a Netflix show?

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“Poussey because she doesn’t watch Netflix that much and it would be really, really awesome cause she’s in jail.”

Most likely to quit their job and go backpacking through South America?

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“Poussey is going to do that because her job was selling weed.”

Most likely to adopt a miniature pony?

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“I don’t even know if Poussey would do this but Samira would not adopt a miniature pony.”

(But if she did, Wiley said she would name it Shetland.)

Most likely to cry during a movie?

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“Like The Notebook or Ice Age… Dude it’s ridiculous. Just waterworks.”

Most likely to pull an elaborate prank on someone?

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“Poussey. Remember that episode when she caught that squirrel? That was so elaborate. I know it’s not a prank but I’m not that dedicated.”

Most likely to join a bowling league?

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“Samira would do something like that. She would spend the entire time wondering: What are these holes for?”

And finally, most likely to successfully deactivate a bomb?

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“I feel like both of these people are going to fail at that! Really, really hard. If I had to pick one… actually we’re all dying. The bomb is not getting deactivated!”

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