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    This Gentle Saint Rescued A Fox In The Most Charming Way

    Silly fox.

    This is Simon Cowell. No, not that Simon Cowell. This Simon Cowell rescues wildlife and is an absolute gem of a human while he does it.

    Cowell is the founder of the Wildlife Aid Foundation, based in Leatherhead, UK.

    Though he's been saving wild cuties for three decades, Cowell still approaches the job with an utterly charming and polite attitude that will make your heart sing.

    Recently, for example, he was called by a family who had a wee fox hanging out in their living room.

    First, Cowell starts out with a bit of teasing for the homeowners. Then he went on to talk to the scared little fox like it was a small child.

    Classic Simon.

    Like, "That’s just silly, isn’t it." "Come on tinkle, come on, out you come."

    "Why did you go into a house? Were you a bit lonely?"

    "Just shush shush shush shush shush."

    Basically I want to hire this man to motivate me throughout the day.


    "Get out of bed now, don't be silly!"

    "Come on sweetheart, stop procrastinating. Let's get going now!"

    "Why haven't you done the dishes yet, little tinkle? Come on, darling, get moving!"

    Seriously. It would be the best.

    Cowell eventually got the fox outside and gently got it out of the carrier with sweetly spoken words like "out you go" and "look, that’s the wild and there’s where you live!"

    He finally got the small bloke to run off, making sure to thank it as it trotted off.

    What a lovely man.

    The full video is honestly just so delightful.

    View this video on YouTube

    If you need proof that Cowell is always this amazing, he once rescued a gosling while its dad attacked him. And he just told it, quite politely, "Stop it. Stop it. It really hurts."

    Never change, Simon. ❤️

    Check out more of Wildlife Aid's adorable work on their Facebook page.

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