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Phones Went Down In Atlantic Canada And People Lost Their Shit


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Phone lines and cell service went down across Atlantic Canada on Friday morning, and people kind of freaked the fuck out.


According to CBC News, customers of Bell, Telus, Virgin, and Koodo all appear to be affected because they share cell towers. Outages appear to be hitting New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, and Newfoundland and Labrador.

A "cut cable" is to blame, Global News reported.

It's a serious problem for accessing emergency services, for example. But for many people, it's just a rude return to the '90s.

My thoughts and prayers are with those in Atlantic Canada, who are currently being forced to speak to each other like it's 1994.

Like, what's a landline? Who has those?

What do you do with your hands when your phone is useless?


Won't someone please think of the Pokémon?

I can only play Pokemon Go within range of my home wifi. Anyone have a 300' Ethernet cable around? I have to raid stuff #telus #bell #outage

We are reaching crisis levels of cellphone-less panic.

Atlantic Canada handling a crisis rn

Best to just bunker down with some canned goods and a tin foil hat.

So... no phone services for any providers in Atlantic Canada, AND 911 service is down? It's the end of days.

And just sadly stare at your phone.

Hey Internets. It's me, Ryan, a Rogers customer in Atlantic Canada right now.


Or maybe Justin Trudeau is free to help?

Hi @JustinTrudeau, please send federal aid to Atlantic Canada. All our cellphones are broken. Thanks.

This is a fair question.

Sooo... Has anyone unplugged Atlantic Canada and plugged it back in or...?

There's no word on a fix right now, but the outage is creating a ripple effect.

We're aware of an issue impacting our services and are currently investigating to restore. Thank you for your patience.

There are reports of bank and airlines encountering problems due to the outage.

@Bell and @TELUS networks appear to be down across #Atlantic Canada. This is impacting @TD_Canada locations-will update when issue resolved.


So thank goodness for Twitter.

God help Atlantic Canada. We can't call or text but we can tweet about it. And won't stop either.

Or else all this snark would have nowhere to go.

UPDATE: People are reporting that service was restored in the afternoon. Rejoice! Breathe! Text!

Everyone in Atlantic Canada when they realize service is back up.

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