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    People Are Still Shouting FHRITP At Female Reporters

    It happened again, this time to a reporter in Ontario.

    It's been more than three years since a hoax video made gross dudes think shouting "fuck her right in the pussy" at female reporters is a funny thing to do. And, for some ungodly reason, it's still going strong.

    Britt Dixon is a reporter with CHCH in Ontario. She was at Mohawk College in Hamilton on Tuesday when a student yelled FHRITP while she was conducting an interview.

    With all of the sexual harassment complaints and the close attention being paid right now I am sad to say I was int…

    She tweeted she was "sad to say" it happened given the current prominent discussions about sexual harassment.

    But it wasn't over.

    It happened again just before a live hit.

    Wow twice in one day #FHRITP a minute before my live hit... speechless

    And now the school has responded. In a statement shared on social media, Mohawk College President Ron McKerlie said what happened is "deeply disappointing" and that security staff are investigating.

    "The misogynistic words of two students have reflected poorly on us all," he said. "I have personally apologized to the reporter on our behalf."

    If you somehow believe it is acceptable or humorous to demean and sexually harass women then you are not welcome at…

    He called the incidents sexual harassment, which is punishable under the school's student behavior policy. Those who violate the policy can face suspension, expulsion, or "at a minimum" be compelled to apologize and sign a behavioral contract.

    There's a long, icky history of men shouting the phrase at female reporters in Canada. In 2015, a Hydro One worker lost his job after shouting it at a Global News reporter.