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    14 Times "Ginger Snaps" Perfectly Summed Up Your Teen Girl Angst

    Being a teen girl is hard. Being a teen wolf is probably harder.

    1. When your angst was expressed in uniquely creative ways.

    2. And your teachers never appreciated it.

    3. When it understood the horror of growing hair in unexpected places.

    4. And the harrowing task of trying to remove it.

    5. Not to mention the crushing reality of your first period.

    6. And, you know, other bodily changes.

    7. And every adult in your life was useless at explaining it.

    8. Especially your parents.

    9. Ginger Snaps knew that your blossoming sexuality was kind of overwhelming.

    10. Not to mention the double-edged sword that is lookin' fly.

    11. Because teenage boys are total twats.

    12. And so are the girls.

    13. But you knew you'd show them in the end.

    14. And that sisterhood trumps all ❤️.