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    Ontario Will Make It Easier For Trans People To Get Gender-Affirming Surgery

    But actually getting the surgery will remain a challenge.

    In what's being called a historic day, the Ontario government has announced changes that should reduce the wait time for transgender patients to access surgical procedures.

    "It was an historic day for trans health and access as well as social inclusion of trans people in Ontario society," Susan Gapka, a political and community organizer, told BuzzFeed Canada.

    Gapka said there's also room for improvement in pre- and post- surgery care, especially when it comes to mental health.

    .@Glen4ONT say trans people have broken down the binary of gender. Now that hard work is "paying dividends" #onpoli

    "Trans people have high rates of suicide and mental health issues but also they're also underemployed, underhoused and [have less] access to the social determinants of health," she said.

    "Whatever we can do to make that access more modern and streamlined is a positive step forward."