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Here’s What It Looks Like When A Bunch Of Canadian Cops Take A Meditation Class

They were at a local temple to learn about mindfulness.

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An image showing Canadian police officers taking a moment to meditate before work has been going viral. Although it seems like one of those fake only-in-Canada type things, we can confirm it's 100% real.

Officers from Peel Region in Ontario went to the West End Buddhist Temple and Meditation Centre in Mississauga last week for a lesson in mindfulness.

West End Buddhist Temple and Meditation Centre / Via Facebook: media

The image was being shared on Reddit with the title "Canadian police officers meditating before they start their day," although this was more of a one-off event.

"These are wonderful officers who devoted their life to the police service in order to protect people and maintain law and order in the nation for the well-being of all citizens," the temple wrote on Facebook.

"They are doing a stressful job. I am delighted that I was able to share some insights by giving spiritual support to help them continue daily their service with a peaceful mind."