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    Nova Scotia's Most Beloved Weatherman Has Been Immortalized In This Tattoo

    He was challenged to get the tattoo by a guy called Porkchops.

    This is Frankie MacDonald, an amateur weatherman in Cape Breton, N.S. whose enthusiastic YouTube reports have made him a treasured Canadian figure.

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    Having made headlines both in Canada and the U.S., MacDonald is no stranger to receiving tributes from his viewers.

    Here is a another edited picture of me and I liked that.

    But they've all just been outdone by a man in Texas who now has MacDonald's faced permanently inked on his leg.

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    YouTuber Ernest Acosta got the tattoo at a shop in Odessa after being challenged by a LiveLeak user named "Porkchops."

    "Well Porkchops, I got the Frankie tattoo, so mission accomplished," he said in the video.

    “I like these challenges, it’s better than eating stuff and throwing up on film," he added.

    The tattoo is a caricature of MacDonald drawn by the Chronicle Herald's award-winning cartoonist, Bruce MacKinnon.

    Today's editorial cartoon by @CH_Cartoon #nspoli

    As MacDonald would say, BE PREPARED (for proper tattoo aftercare).