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This Teen And Her Horse Rode To The Aid Of A Stranded Truck Driver

Just some great Canadian-ing.

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On Monday night, Eagle Bears was watching a local traffic camera from her home 30 minutes south of Brandon, Manitoba when she saw a truck stranded on the highway.


"I thought to myself that I should go and help him if he was still there in the morning," she told BuzzFeed Canada.

And in the morning, when the truck was still there, she did just that. She put a blanket on Mr. Smudge, made a thermos of coffee, and set out for the half-hour journey up and down icy valley roads.

When she arrived, the trucker was asleep. She tapped on the window and the driver was surprised, but grateful, to see someone on a horse with something warm.

Eileen Eagle Bears

"We talked a wee bit, then I asked him how much food he had. He had a bit, not too much," she said.

"So I promised that if he was still there I’d bring him out some hot food later on."

So she returned in the evening with more coffee and a thermos full of hamburger and potato stew.


"He was just super appreciative," said Eagle Bears.

"I think mostly just relieved that someone knew he was there because you never know when you’re stuck out on the road."

Meanwhile, Eileen's mom, Heather Eagle Bears, watched her arrive at the truck on the traffic cam. As did dozens of people who saw Heather's Facebook post about her daughter and followed along.

The post now has more than 1,000 shares and tons of comments praising Eagle Bears' generosity.

"I’m thoroughly enjoying seeing her get the recognition she deserves for being such a good person," Heather told BuzzFeed Canada.

When Eagle Bears — who got her first horse at age eight — first suggested going out to meet the truck, her mom didn't try to stop her.

"I trust her," said Heather. "I just told her she had to be safe and I was keeping an eye on the time to see how long she was gone."

A tow truck managed to get the truck and driver off the highway after Eagle Bears' second visit.

As for Eagle Bears, she's pretty overwhelmed by the reaction. "I am so surprised," she said. "I didn’t expect any reaction. It was a shock when I got back and my mom had posted it."


"I’m very proud of her, always have been. She’s an excellent little horsewoman," said Heather.

Lauren Strapagiel is a reporter for BuzzFeed News and is based in Toronto, Canada.

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