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It's The Most Important Day Of The Year And You Don't Even Know It

You dough-not want to miss this.

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The great people of Poland have blessed us with so many things, like vodka and bagels.

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But it's their most important gift of all that we celebrate on this most magnificent of days: pączki.

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The difference is that those who celebrate Pączki Day specifically indulge in pączki, which is basically just some fried dough with fillings like prunes, cream, custard, or other fruits. Essentially they are balls of heaven.

And the best part is, if you're not Christian or observing lent, it's a fine excuse to stuff your face anyway.

It's Pączki Day, which means your entire being should be solely focused on stuffing Polish doughnuts into your face.

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Pączki Day falls on what other people call Fat Tuesday, or Shrove Tuesday, or Pancake Tuesday. For many Christians around the world, it's the last day before Lent and therefore the last day to stuff yourself silly with sweets until Easter.

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It's a big deal in places like Michigan and Chicago, but Windsor, Ontario is Canada's Pączki Day headquarters. And Windsorites take it very seriously.

Time to indulge! It's Paczki Day in Windsor:

Blak's Bakery has been one of the city's most popular destinations for pączki for nearly 100 years. According to the Windsor Star, they had to start turning people away after only being open for a few hours.

Video: Scores line up for Paczki at Blak’s Bakery

A time lapse from 2013 shows the swarms of cars and people hot for pączki before the sun even rises.

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Elsewhere in Windsor, Lakeside Bakery expects to make 70,000 (!!!) doughnuts by the end of the day, reports the Windsor Star. That includes 3,600 made for local schools to fundraise with.

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So let's all take a cue from Windsor and take part in the best day of the year.