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    This Guy Watched Two Birds Fight Over The Same Piece Of Meat For 30 Minutes

    Meat snax > gumdrops.

    Redditor freshAU was being a kind human and feeding his wild kookaburra pals some tasty meat morsels when two snagged the same piece and refused to let go. For more than 30 minutes.

    He tried giving it a lil' tug.

    But they just chittered and held on tighter.

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    He also tried layering on some more tasty snacks.

    Like, a lot more.

    But they wouldn't budge.

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    Next he did what anyone would do in such a situation — he gave them seashell hats.

    They weren't really fans.

    Too bad, they were quite stylish.

    Finally, all else having failed, the cameraman did the only reasonable thing: He gave them wee tissue blankets.

    And for all we know they're still there, refusing to give in, never giving up on their dream.

    What an inspiration.

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