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An Entire Town In New Brunswick Tried To Chase Down A Rogue Llama And It Was Adorable

Don't let the man hold you down, Louise.

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Nothing brings a community together like a rogue farm animal. For example, a doe-eyed seven-month-old llama named Louise who got loose from a farm in Quispamsis, New Brunswick, Tuesday afternoon.

Owen Kaser

Owen Kaser of Pegasus Pony Pals told BuzzFeed Canada that Louise had only been at the farm for a day before she made her escape.

"At this point I think we decided that she probably ducked under a gate that was set up to be a suitable height for horses but not really low enough to the ground to keep a determined llama in," he said.

Kaser got the word out by contacting local police and a radio station before doing some good old-fashioned door knocking. And the residents of the town were more than happy to help.

"There were all sorts of people were wandering around, driving around," said Kaser. "Especially the neighborhood kids — they were back in the woods seeing what they could see."

"Everybody felt sorry for the llama."

Honestly, the kids and I keep looking out the window hoping the llama will run by. #KvLife #Quispamsis #HopeHeGetsHomeSafe

The word quickly spread on Facebook. Everybody wanted to know: Where the heck was Louise?

I smell a new town motto! “@CBCNB: Young llama is on the loose in @quispamsis”

And the local CBC station was all over it.

Llama still missing in Quispamsis. It's brown, yay high, looks like a llama

As the sun rose on Wednesday, Louise had all but disappeared. "She's obviously good at hiding," said Kaser. That is, until she emerged onto a neighbour's lawn at around 10 a.m.

The lama on the loose in Quispamsis has been found and caught! Owners are relieved

After being carried out of some woods, Louise is now safe and sound with her owners. And rather than being scared, Kaser said Louise seems to have enjoyed her adventure.

"I think it could have been having some fun at our expense," he said.

Locals locate llama (I could do this all day llong) #nb

While Kaser and his family are surprised by the amount of media attention the caper has caused, he's glad the story has a happy ending.


Lauren Strapagiel is a reporter for BuzzFeed News and is based in Toronto, Canada.

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