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    May 19, 2016

    These Canadian Cat Lovers Got Married At A Kitty Sanctuary

    This is too precious for words.

    Say hello to Dominic Husson and Lousie Veronneau, a couple from Quebec who just had a quiet, scenic wedding in California. They kept it simple, limiting the guest list to themselves, an officiant...

    The Sacramento Bee / Via

    And about 1,000 cats.

    The Sacramento Bee / Via

    As reported by The Sacramento Bee, the happy couple took their mutual love of cats to a beautiful new place and got married at the Cat House on the Kings sanctuary in Parlier, California.

    So much fun at a @cathouseotkings wedding! Here's a favorite moment from today. This guy was so sweet! @ksee24 now!

    The sanctuary's founder, Lynea Lattanzio, even got ordained so she could wed the couple. It was the first wedding to ever take place at the sanctuary, known as California's largest, cage-free, no-kill haven for cats.

    KFSN / Via

    "I feel in love," Veronneau told KFSN News. "I feel in love with the work Lynea and her team is doing for the cats and the rescuing." She also said that she and her husband, who have been together for three years, count a love of animals as one of their shared values.

    KFSN / Via

    Plus, the local media coverage was just top-notch. Just Meowied!

    KFSN / Via

    May they live happily ever meowfter.

    KFSN / Via

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