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This Video Showing A Moose Being Chased By An ATV Is Now Under Investigation

Conservation officers are investigating.

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Conservation officers are looking into a video from B.C. that shows a female moose running as an ATV follows close behind.

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The video is a cellphone recording posted by Wolftracker TV of another YouTube video that appears to have since been deleted.

According to a capture of the original video's description, it was posted back in October 2014.

"October hunting trip to Greenwood, BC. We rounded a corner and found this cow walking down the centre of the road," the video's description says.

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The poster said both they and the moose paused before they started up the ATV again to get back to camp.

"She started along the road again too," the poster wrote. "This back and forth went on for a solid 10 minutes before I decided to get my phone out and record this ridiculousness. That's when my partner decided to just speed up and pass her."

"We are investigating currently, you bet," Dave Webster, a conservation officer for West Kootenay, told BuzzFeed Canada.

Wolftracker TV / Via

Webster said there is provincial legislation that protects animals like moose from interaction of this kind.

"Basically that animal is pushed and panicked so much they become stressed," said Webster, adding this is particularly harmful for female moose with babies on the way.

"If they become stressed and tired they can’t adequately defend themselves in the wild," he said.

There are now suspects in the ATV video that his department is following up on.

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