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The Toronto Air Show Is Back And Everyone Is Fucking Miserable


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It's the Labour Day long weekend, heralding the return of Toronto's most treasured pastime: complaining about the air show.

The annual Canadian International Air Show features three days of planes swooping over downtown Toronto. Theoretically, some people are really into this, as its been running for more than 60 years and draws thousands of spectators.

But, for people who live and work downtown, it's three days of VERY LOUD AND ANNOYING AIRPLANE NOISES.

Imagine three straight days of VAHRRUUUUUUUAAAAA!

"I love the #toronto CNE air show", while at work, in Liberty Village - said no one ever


Summary of my day so far: "We're under attack?? Oh right, it's the air show" 5 minutes later: "We're under attack!!!"


Even if you hate the air show, if you're in Toronto for the long weekend, you're going to the f*cking air show. #perennialtweet


As much as I love constantly revisiting my fears of alien attack, this air show is inconvenient

People are salty.

Oh goody, it's time to celebrate war machines with three days of deafening noise and a show nobody wants or needs #airshow

Like, real salty.


And non-people are freaking the hell out.

Ah yes, the annual pets-freaking-the-fuck-out-because-it-sounds-like-the-world-is-ending weekend in Toronto 🖕🏻…

Won't someone please think of the cats?

the air show has declared war on my cat's anxiety

And the naps?

Naps are more important than the air show. Stop it!

Complaining about the air show is probably a more cherished tradition than the air show itself.

I know very few people who live here who support the airshow. The rest of us are all

Are you really a Torontonian if you don't tweet a complaint about the air show?



But, perhaps, there are some upsides.

CNE air show rehearsal above downtown #Toronto is helpfully masking sounds of me farting in public

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