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    27 Dogs Trying To Make The Best Of The Atlantic Snowstorm

    Can we go inside now?

    Canada's east coast is currently experiencing a winter storm that can be described, in scientific terms, as Very Bad.

    Ain't nobody got time 4 this... #NSStorm

    We're talkin' wind gusts! Storm surges! Whiteout conditions! Up to 60 cm of snow in some places!

    It's a giant mess for anyone who wants to go places or do things, but here's how the Martimes' doggo population is coping.

    1. These puppers who don't see a problem here.

    #NBStorm isn't all bad. Lesa Lowery submitted this video of #dogs Gabby and Jack enjoying the #snow in #Quispamsis…

    2. This fluff baby who decided to just become one with the snow.

    Ava from New Brunswick sent me this video of her 1yr old Golden Retriever discovering how deep the snow was this mo…

    3. This little pup who is just defeated.

    4. This munchkin who is determined to see this walk through.

    5. These lil' beans who will not be held back.

    6. This furry snowplow who is having the best day.

    So you think you've got snow? Check out my granddog Sulley. omg omg omg it's snowing #NBStorm

    7. This fluff friend who is getting mad air.

    #AirFinnegan! I am loving this blizzard! ❄❄❄ #nbstorm #ysjsnowdogs

    8. This stoic gentleman who promises to keep you safe.

    9. This pooch who doesn't understand why you're not excited to play fetch right now.

    If only we all enjoyed storm days as much as this pooch is! Maybe it's because he doesn't have to shovel... #nbstorm

    10. This littler Boston terrier who is politely demonstrating that the snow is approximately the height of a Boston terrier.

    @weathernetwork I'm not sure how many cm's fell in #fredericton.But I'll guess about Boston Terrier amount.…

    11. This guy who is kindly using his tail as a beacon.

    Half way through this and Diesel is a large tall Labrador Retriever #NBStorm

    12. These two who will do what it takes to find a nice place to pee.

    @CBCNB When you gotta go, you gotta go. Blizzard or no blizzard. #NBStorm #Blizzard2017

    13. This small friend who is making a path so you don't get lost.

    14. This little potato who left a perfect imprint of itself in the snow.

    15. This pup who is having a snow-induced existential crisis.

    16. This doggo who has accepted its fate.

    17. This frosty pal who is channeling his inner Elsa.

    18. This good boy who is having a moment of inner peace.

    19. This fella who's not sure where his body went.

    @Andrew__Holland Nigel is not anywhere near as impressed as your dog is with this snow! #NBStorm #Fredericton

    20. This pupperoni who is starting to have some regrets.

    Rex: Mom need to go pee...Me: sure go ahead...Rex: but where!? I'm freezing my buns off ! #NBStorm

    21. This pupper who wants to know what you're playing at.

    22. This little biscuit who would like to come in now, please.

    This little dog (Lilly) isn't enjoying the #NBStorm today @rachelkaleva @knmckinley

    23. This doggo who's had enough, now, okay? Can we go in? Can we?

    24. This teddy bear who is done with this whole damn thing.

    25. These flufferdoodles who'd rather not risk it.

    3 of 4 bored #Schnauzers . #NBStorm #stuckinthehouse #notfitformanorbeast

    26. This meow-pupper who agrees that it's still BBQ weather.

    27. And finally this scaly-doggo who will stay inside, thanks.

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