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    This Canadian Woman Opened Up A Can Of Thanksgiving NOPE


    "Happy Thanksgiving, pass the jellied snake!" said no one ever.

    A woman in Saint Catharines, Ontario, found what appears to be a rather dead snake in a can of cranberry sauce on Thanksgiving. She shared photos of the unexpected dinner guest on her Facebook page.

    Hey @TheEllenShow @OceanSprayInc #oceanspraysnake in my canned cranberries. Your #Thanksgiving in #Merica is soon

    The snake-like thing was sent to the Canadian Food Inspection Agency to determine if it was in fact a snake.

    Uh, ew: Ontario woman finds snake in can of Ocean Spray cranberry sauce

    In the mean time, Ocean Spray offered to send her $10 in coupons as compensation, which may or may not make up for finding a goddamn snake in your goddamn cranberries.


    Ocean Spray spokesperson Kellyanne Dignan told BuzzFeed Canada the company takes all consumer reports very seriously and they are working with Canadian officials to investigate the incident.

    "This is an isolated incident and all products currently in stores or in homes remain safe to consume," she said.

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