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    People Want California To Join Canada And Canada Is Down

    Come on over, baby.

    Now that people have simmered down on the whole moving to Canada thing, a new plan is afoot. Why not just make California part of Canada?

    BuzzFeed Canada

    It's another way pull of a great #Calexit, and a lot of people are totally down for it.

    California Californi Californ Califor Califo Calif Cali Cal Ca Can Cana Canad Canada Let's make #Calexit a reality!

    And Canadians are a pretty welcoming bunch.

    Hey all #Calexit proponents...#Canada will gladly add you to our family! We already have so many shared values!

    Ok, yes, sure, adding California would literally more than double Canada's population.


    But who cares about ~logistics.~ Canada deserves a province with constant sun and warmth, okay?

    @Canada we would make the best Canadians. Seriously. #Wexit #orexit #Calexit #hiexit

    We have so many shared interests, like delicious food and not being led by an ex-reality show boss guy.

    Dear Justin Trudeau, Si vous plait, if you accept CA, WA, OR & possibly HI & NE into Canada we promise to bring taco trucks. #Calexit

    We'll teach you the art of snowball fights, you give us surfboarding lessons. It'll be great.

    #calexit Please, join Canada. We want you and your state. Like that would actually be the best thing to ever happen.

    We have fresh water and you have Disneyland. Everyone wins.

    Hey California, if you guys #Calexit, join Canada as a province. At least you'll have water.

    Oregon and Washington can come, too!

    #calexit talk now includes Washington and Oregon. Ready for Calicadia?

    Don't pretend you're not tempted by the allure of the great white north.

    Dang! Look at #Canada temping #WestCoastNation & #Calexit with gravy on fries, love, hockey, #JustinTrudeau &…

    And while we're at it, let's also just grab Nevada and the US northeast. They seem nice.

    UPDATED: Someone created a map. #USElection2016

    Hell, let's just add Mexico, build a wall around the US, have a pint, and wait for this all to blow over.


    This is literally a flawless plan. Get on it, Justin Trudeau.