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Halifax Got An Ikea And It Was Basically Swedish Christmas

Bring on the meatballs.

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Ikea officially landed in Halifax* on Wednesday morning and the city has basically lost its mind.

(*Technically the store is located in Dartmouth, not Halifax, but let's not rehash that fight.)

(*Technically the store is located in Dartmouth, not Halifax, but let's not rehash that fight.)

CBC reports that 4,000 people lined up for the opening to be the first Haligonian to buy a FJÄLLA or whatever.

@calmaclellan / Twitter / Via Twitter: @calmaclellan

For context, the population of the Halifax area is around 403,390.

Many even camped out — true dedication to stylish yet affordable Swedish flat-packed furniture.

THIS is dedication! Lining up already for tomorrow's #IKEAHalifax Grand Opening at @DartmouthXing!!!…

@DartmouthXing / Twitter / Via Twitter: @DartmouthXing

When the doors did open, it was consumer madness, with Ikea employees ushering shoppers in with thundersticks.

Welcome to #IKEAHalifax, friends! It's a privilege for @IKEACanada to be here. #GrandOpening

@bseale / Twitter / Via Twitter: @bseale

Even hours later, a line snaked its way around the store with yet more people trying to get in.

An hour after opening, there's still a line up to get in to #IKEAHalifax

@carolynraycbc / Twitter / Via Twitter: @carolynraycbc

To be fair, there were meatballs at stake.

So, #IKEAHalifax is now open... this photo was taken an hour ago... I bet half of them are just there for the meatb…

@Kkins01 / Twitter / Via Twitter: @Kkins01

And the meatballs are worth it, tbh.

The City of Halifax today announced “Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs” it’s official film. #IKEAHalifax

@JasonJThomas / Twitter / Via Twitter: @JasonJThomas

The mayor made an appearance as well, which sounds sort of strange, but its important to note Halifax's long, sad tale with Ikea.

Welcome back to Halifax IKEA! Huge crowds here at the grand opening. Great for our local economy and the whole regi…

@MikeSavageHFX / Twitter / Via Twitter: @MikeSavageHFX

Halifax was actually the first North American city to get an Ikea, way back in the '70s. However, it closed in 1988, sending the area into a 30-year-long KVISTBRO-less sadness.

Hence the extreme excitement.

@NIsenor / Twitter / Via Twitter: @NIsenor

Everyone is celebrating. Even the r/Halifax subreddit dressed up for the occasion.

Reddit / Via

And Cyril Lunney, from CTV Atlantic's morning show, went on a tour of the store in a onesie with a panda plushie.

CTV Atlantic News / Via

Honestly, it's entirely worth watching.

CTV Atlantic News / Via

But now comes the hard part: assembling.

PSA: Halifax will be closed from September 27-October 4 2017 due to mass IKEA furniture assembly.

@SarahSawler / Twitter / Via Twitter: @SarahSawler

Divorce rates in Halifax are about to go through the roof.

Curse words, skinned knuckles & little Allan Keys flying around homes in Nova Scotia tonight thanks to #IKEAHalifax opening

@russd27 / Twitter / Via Twitter: @russd27

Be careful what you wish for, Halifax.

An Allen Key, but to re-assemble the shambles of my life. #IKEAHalifax

@JFClaude / Twitter / Via Twitter: @JFClaude

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