Police Say A Canadian Woman Tried To Escape Them On An Ice Floe

    Canada, amirite.

    A woman in Prince George, British Columbia is facing several charges after allegedly escaping the scene of a break and enter on an ice floe.

    Yes, like a chunk of ice on water. An ice floe.

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    The RCMP say they were called to the scene of a break and enter on Sunday in Miworth, just west of Prince George.

    The homeowner said she'd come home to find a woman inside, who then fled in a pick-up truck, almost hitting the homeowner on her way out.

    Police located the vehicle nearby and called in a canine unit which led them two kilometres away to an ice floe on the Nechako river. That's where they found the suspect.

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    Police say she had started a fire on the ice floe and "believe she was attempting to destroy evidence." She was taken into custody and some kindly locals took the woman and officers the 2 km back in their boat.

    "It's definitely a first. It's something we've never come across and probably never will again in our careers," said Corporal Craig Douglass told CBC News.

    Philicity Rhea Lefreniere, 25, faces six charges, including break and enter, dangerous operation of a motor vehicle, and mischief.

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