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A Bunch Of Scientists Were So Adorably Excited About This Cute Little Stubby Squid

Even the scientists who found it COULD NOT HANDLE IT.

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The Nautilus is an exploration vessel that's been exploring the sea floor off the coast of California, and recently, it spotted something rather curious.

Upon closer inspection, it turns out it's the cutest goddamn sea creature ever discovered. Those eyes!

Like, you just want to squish him and keep him forever.

And people are legit in love.

Can you blame them?

The only thing cuter than the wee thing itself is the reaction from the scientists guiding the Nautilus. "It’s like some little kid dropped their toy!" said one.

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Another can be heard squealing "SO CUTE!" at least twice. Back at ya, cuties.

They also debate whether the creature is an octopus or a cuttlefish, but it's actually a "stubby squid." Despite the name, stubby squids aren't squids, but are closer to cuttlefish.

"Like Davy Jones," one of the scientists says, although obviously one of these things is far cuddlier-looking than the other.


If anything, the squishy lil' guy is closer to an IRL Pearl from Finding Nemo.

Even as the vessel left, the googly eyes gazed back into the camera, and into our hearts.

Goodbye, small friend!

If adorable cephalopods make you squee, check out Nautilus's other YouTube videos for even more tiny tentacled pals.

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