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Canadians Are Freaking Out At The Idea Of Sarah Palin Becoming Ambassador

You betcha!

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Everyone is freaking out over the possibility that Sarah Palin could be tapped as the new American ambassador to Canada.

The last ambassador, Bruce Heyman, left his position before Donald Trump's inauguration.
Kamil Krzaczynski / Reuters

The last ambassador, Bruce Heyman, left his position before Donald Trump's inauguration.

When asked, press secretary Sean Spicer didn't confirm rumours that Palin could be given the job. But he also didn't deny it.

Spicer, asked now if Palin is being considered to be ambassador to Canada, he did NOT deny it -- just said updates to come later tdy/tmrw

And there are now headlines floating around like "Sarah Palin could bring her carnival show here as ambassador" and "Sarah Palin touted as US ambassador to Canada? You betcha!"

The Independent is even running a piece headlined "Sarah Palin 'could be next US ambassador to Canada'" even though it's entirely unclear whom or what they are quoting.

While all that means we still have zero evidence Palin is our gal, the door is wide open for frenzied speculation!

#sarahpalin potential ambassador to Canada?!

Canada's reaction to the rumour has been... lukewarm.

Sarah Palin's name is being floated as ambassador to Canada. We respectfully decline the offer.

JK, we're losing our shit.

Sarah Palin as possible US ambassador to Canada? FUCK. THAT. FUCKING. BULLSHIT. RIGHT. FUCKING. NOW.

Americans are already apologizing.

As an American citizen, I want to apologize to Canada. Appointing #sarahpalin as Ambassador is no way to treat a fr…

Too little too late, tbh.

Some members of the NDP, however, seem to be taking it pretty seriously, such as MP Charlie Angus.

Sarah Palin as ambassador? Well that would show how little Steve Bannon and his pal @realDonaldTrump think of Canada

On the bright side, it would be like Christmas for our taxpayer-funded political satire.

22 Minutes will need to expand to at least two hours if Sarah Palin becomes ambassador to Canada

If we all play along, maybe we can hide her in the suburbs.

If #sarahpalin becomes the US ambassador to canada we should tell her Oshawa is the capital

There are clearly more suitable positions available if Palin must be made a diplomat.

Make @SarahPalinUSA ambassador to Kazakhstan not Canada! So she can continue watching russians from her yard! #sarahpalin

Just send Tina Fey. Please.

Ok instead of Sarah Palin as Ambassador to Canada, can we have Tina Fey? #justasking

Maybe this is what we deserve.

Sarah Palin as US ambassador to Canada? I guess we had it coming. We did send them Justin Bieber.

But the best, most succinct response if all came from former prime minister Kim Campbell.

Gag me with a spoon!

So say we all.

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