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You Will Suddenly Be Obsessed With Hot Tubs After Watching This Nova Scotia Man's Video

Holy jumpin'!

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This is Chris Wheatley and he's about to make you very suddenly and very intensely interested in hot tubs.

Chris Wheatley / Via

Wheatley owns Hot Tub Universe in Fall River, Nova Scotia, as well as Hot Tub University, a consumer information website.

He's been in the industry for 30 years and basically knows everything there is to know about hot tubs.

His passion is so infectious, in fact, that a video of him reviewing a hot tub is going viral.

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Although first posted to YouTube four months ago, a Redditor recently found it and shared it using the title "Holy shit this guy knows alot about hot tubs."

In it, Wheatley breaks down exactly why he thinks a Costco tub is a bad purchase with enthusiasm and expertise that will have you caring about jet size and water volume before you even know what hit you.

When he says "They’ve actually clamped the suction line, which is just a meathead move" you'll find yourself inexplicably nodding along.

He also says things like "holy jumpin'" and in a delightful East Coast accent.

Honestly, you just have to watch it.


People can't stop watching it and they don't even understand why.

Reddit / Via

"I didn't even mean to watch the whole thing. What the hell."

Reddit / Via

"I don't even care about hot tubs and this guy is mesmerizing. It's like watching Mike Rowe or something."

Reddit / Via

"Hell, I have no interest in buying a hot tub, nor hot tubs in general, but I still watched the whole damn thing and loved it. Weird."

Reddit / Via

"What the fuck am I doing? I have 10 dollars in my bank account I'm not buying a hot tub. It's 2:30 in the morning and I have to be up in 4 hours why am I watching this video!?"

Wheatley, who's currently vacationing in Florida, found out about his newfound internet fame when his inbox starting blowing up.

"My buddy, who's a bit of an internet guy, said 'hey, your video is going viral,'" Wheatley told BuzzFeed Canada, adding the whole thing has been "kind of surreal."

He thinks it's his unpolished approach that has people watching.

"It’s not edited, it’s just a guy giving information," said Wheatley. "People are inundated on a constant basis with bullshit. I think they find it a bit refreshing."

He started making videos not necessarily to boost his own regional business, but because of his frustration with shoddy hot tubs.

"So much of what we get nowadays is prepackaged, polished, refined," he said. "I’m not on anybody's payroll, I’m not doing this for any other reason than this annoys me."

And just in case all this has inspired you to invest in a hot tub, Wheatley has some advice.

Chris Wheatley

"For first time hot tub buyers, I think the critical thing is find someone who knows what the hell they’re talking about," he said.

"Even a really smart, really good researcher is going to be inundated with conflicting information."