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People Can't Stop Looking At This Unsettling GIF Of Stephen Harper

But we all know that feel.

This gif of Prime Minister Stephen Harper doing a slowmo head turn and smile is creepy AF and people are obsessed.

Stephen Harper Wants to Make it a Crime for Canadians to Go to Terrorist Hot Spots:

GIF'd from the Maclean's leaders debate last week, this might be the most versatile animated pile of pixels of Harper yet.

Just look at all the scenarios it applies to.

1. When you see bae across the room.

2. When the teacher says to pick a partner for a project but you have no friends in the class.

3. When you get a match on Tinder.

4. When your kids get you socks for Christmas.

5. When Timmies puts out fresh doughnuts just as you get to the front of the line.

6. When the cashier gives you too much change back but you don't say anything.

7. When you're at the grocery store and your song comes on.

8. When your mom asks if you've been smoking pot.

9. When you call a 78-day long election.

10. You after reading this post.